Hi, I am Kristine and this is my food blog.  Its special cause its all about Paleo food.  Some time ago I discovered that I was gluten intolerant, so I started eliminating foods that caused issues with my body.  First it was the breads and pastas and I felt better.  But then, bad news, my gall bladder was bad and needed to be removed.  I used this as a starting point for my new way of life…Paleo Life.

I hope that over time I can share my journey and inspire you to live better and feel better.

List of things I eat….

  1.  Meat-this includes fish
  2. Veggies-I’m super picky, so this is a slim list
  3. Fruits- fruit is awesome
  4. Honey and maple syrup-my only two sweeteners
  5. Plant milks-almond and coconut
  6. Potatoes and cheese-there is some discussion on the paleo-ness of these two but these are my only two concessions, I simply cannot live without them.
  7. Lastly nothing processed-not an easy task

Going out to eat is a pain, so few places offer anything that not processed or laden with sugar and wheat products.

I have been dabbling with all kinds of baking and I find that it is hard to get tasty sweets that aren’t loaded with refined sugars.  Pinterest is a huge help, people share all sorts of amazing recipes and today I found some brownies…yay!

Try these  from Jay’s Baking Me Crazy 


This was the finished baked product…Amaze balls!  Even the kids liked them and they don’t like anything.


Soon I will have a recipe page that will have all the recipes that I have tried and tested, yay or fail.









2 thoughts on “Hello

  1. I am so proud of you Kristine!!! You look amazing (but you’re beautiful anyway)! The dedication you have is inspiring to people!!!



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