I Love Ice Cream




I have loved ice cream forever.  I blame my dad because I’m sure he was the one who introduced me to it, because mom always said he gave me the good things to eat and then I didn’t want to eat anything healthy anymore.

So here we are 40 years later and I can eat Blue Bell vanilla like they will never make it again.  Then the problems started, the bloating, the upset stomach.  In June I had my gall bladder removed and I swore off all grain, refined sugar and anything processed.

This is HARD……

Blue Bell does not make sugar free.

Its expensive to eat all-natural all the time, even when I do shop at Aldi and Walmart.  I make the justification that my health is worth it.

Perusing Pinterest is a daily occurrence for me and I will probably reference then a lot in the future.  Here is this weeks fab find.


Two Ingredient Coconut Ice Cream

From Kari at Get Inspired Everyday 

Super easy right??  Wellllll….about that

Mixed the honey and milk and into the machine…now just wait.  Left to bring youngest to school and when I got back, I should have had something resembling ice cream.



It is not Karis’ fault, its mine.  I had dug out my ice cream machine (gift from ex-husband) and cleaned it and froze it overnight.  I guess I needed to freeze the bowl longer, cause all I had was milk and honey, bummer.

So back into the mixing bowl and clean up the machine and refreeze. My attempt was a fail but ya know what?  I didn’t toss the milk mix…I just froze it in the bowl, so now its all chunked up and swirling around in my coffee.  I refuse to waste it.

Tastes pretty good and would have been really good ice cream, maybe next time.




2 thoughts on “I Love Ice Cream

  1. does your ice cream machine require ice around the tub of cream and honey? We use kosher salt to make it ‘colder’ while it churns. I’m working on a sugar free pumpkin ice cream for fall.


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