I have a confession to make…

I secret eat…shhhhhhh!


What is that?  It used to be that I eat things that I know are not “On Plan” or “bad for me.”  Now, it’s slightly different because I eat things that I know will make me feel sick or cause havoc with my system.

A little back story.

I started following Atkins about 5 years ago and it worked, I lost a ton of weight and was getting into great shape.  It got me through the police academy and I looked the best I had as an adult. I was into a size 12, yay me right?

Then disaster, I left the agency I was working for and withdrew from life. It was a pretty dark time for me. I just went through a divorce, my kids were being difficult, and I was dead broke.  I was unemployed for about six months and had to use my savings and 401k to live on.  My self-esteem hit the bottom and so did my hard earned health.  Eventually got a job and then another one and things began to improve.

But the damage was already done.  I had regained all the weight and I was miserable.  I was eating whatever and it was getting worse.  I decided to give up all bread and bread-like things once again.  Started to feel better but still had issues.

Over the next few years I slowly whittled lots of things from my kitchen and replaced them with gluten free alternative…they called me the gluten free girl.  But I just wasn’t enough.  I used my surgery in June of this year as a jumping off point for my Paleo life.  I gave up cold turkey.  No refined sugar, no grains, no artificial or processed anything. I was already g/f so giving up the only grain I had left, rice, was easy.

The sugar, not so much.  Hate it.  So much.  I can have honey and maple syrup, makes coffee time not so fun.  I didn’t drink coffee until much further down the road.

So the main reason of this post, the secret eating.  I have been doing well; I feel great and have lost some of the weight I gained pre surgery.

Then I fell off the wagon, hard.  I was feeling rather blue over a breakup I’m going through, I am still an emotional eater, and I bought gelato. It was a lovely, creamy raspberry cheesecake gelato.  It was so good and then I was sick, woke up with a migraine and was sick to my stomach all night and most of the next day.  Lessons learned, I tossed the rest of the gelato in the trash and got right back into that wagon.

Today is a good day and I am back where I need to be.

Paleo 4 life.





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