Off Topic…but relevant.


I recently read an article the other day about parents wearing pajamas when they dropped their kids off at school in the morning.  At first I was like “who does that?”,  after all it’s not Walmart.  Then I realized that person was me: The perpetually tired Mom.

I’m a fairly busy divorced Mom, who only gets to see my kids on my days off from work.  There are times, that  I am so exhausted from working double shifts that things at home, such as household chores,  start to slide. By no means, am I a really messy person, so  the house is by no means a dump. I try to spend an afternoon tidying up once a week, and if it’s not company ready that’s fine with me!  I don’t have much time for makeup anymore, or even to brush my hair in the morning when I have my kids.  Seriously, they are lucky if I have a minute for a coffee that shuts my stomach up and keeps me from being a total grouch.  I will never place the blame on my children’s because it is not their faults, so I try put on a smile and give them life advice every day before they head off to learn new stuff on their own.

I never really understood what tired was until I got divorced; I have to hustle to make ends meet, which  means working extra days at work, missing parties, not seeing friends, not going on dates and most importantly, missing sleep!

So if I don’t have time to put on a happy face, too bad.  I’m tired, to the bone, and you’re damn right I’m at the drop off in my pajamas, and sorry, not sorry.



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